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Welcome to Inspiring Enterprises

Why choose Inspiring Enterprises LLC?


Rick specializes in the conscious AND subconscious minds because that is typically where other therapeutic techniques fall short. Most mental health professionals are skilled in only conscious mind tools. Rick has been leading clients to reclaim their power, meet their goals, and improve their lives for 14 years. He has a unique way of understanding and helping clients learn out to take control of their conscious AND subconscious minds. 


He also does various public speaking engagements throughout the state of Illinois and the Midwest. Frequently speaking to companies, small groups, businesses, religious groups, and families. 


Rick utilizes an empowerment-based model. His primary goal is to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed for you to meet or exceed your goals.


Most of the tools and techniques that Rick utilizes can be used over the phone, Zoom Video, as well as "in person" sessions. 

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