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Rick works with a multitude of different goals in the individual, couple as well as educational and motivational worlds.  Written below are some more in depth information in regards to each of these area. 

All of Rick's individual sessions work off an Empowerment Model Approach. His mission is to help you achieve your goals through a mixture of conscious mind AND subconscious mind tools and techniques.  With this approach, his clients find it much easier to achieve and maintain change.  
Below is a shortlist of some of the common things Rick helps his clients with. 
*Self Control
*Stress Management
*Anger Management
*Weight Loss
*Smoking Cessation
*Sleep Issues
*Thought Based Issues
*Emotional Based Issues
*Sexual Issues
*Alternative lifestyle Issues
*Sports Enhancement
*Communication Issues
*Habit Change
*Fear Removal
*Self Esteem
*Self Confidence
*Pain Management
*Test Taking & Memory Skills
*Behavioral Issues
*Speech Issues
Rick has extensive experience working with couples in a multitude of different traditional and alternative lifestyles and relationships. 
He has successfully taken The Gottman Institutes "Gottman Method Couples Therapy" level 1 training. Utilizing their world-renowned techniques and years of research to help his couples understand each other on a deeper level.  Allowing for positive changes, in the relationship and outside of the relationship. 
Below is a shortlist of some of the common things Rick helps his clients with. 
*Communication Issues
*Sexual Issues
*Same-Sex Relationship Issues
*Alternative Relationship Issues
*None Monogamy Issues
*Blended Family Issues
*Anger Issues
*Infidelity Issues
*Understanding Kids and Teenagers
*New Parent Issues
Rick works with small and large businesses to help them make positive changes within, and outside of their organizations. 
He utilizes his extensive training, as well as experience to help make the changes and achieve the goals that the organization is needing. 
From one on one coaching sessions to large group trainings, Rick can help your company or organization make the changes you desire.  Rick also does Motivational Speaking!
Below is a short list of some of the common things Rick has helped businesses and organizations with.
*Customer Service Training
*Employee Moral & Motivation
*Buyout/Take over Conflict
*Significant Business Changes
*Team Building
*Conflict Resolution
*Communication Issues
*HR Training
*New Employee Trainings
*Advertising & Marketing Consulting

Contact Rick at:  309-261-2564 or click Here to email him to set up your free consultation.

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