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Rick offers a Free 90 minute consultation in his office



Call 309-261-2564 now to reserve your special time

Rick Longstreth CH Change Expert, Life Coach, Business Coach, Keto Coach and Subconscious Mind Specialist

Rick has a passion for helping people. He has 14 years experience in successfully helping couples, families, adolescents and children make changes and achieve goals utilizing powerful subconscious mind tools such as hypnotherapy and EFT to name a couple. With a strong passion for empowerment and the subconscious mind, he believes that everyone is capable of achieving their goals. He has been very involved in working with adolescents and adults in exploring area of growth, positive thinking, goal setting & achieving and personal power.  With an unending commitment to impacting the world, he is committed to empowering people to live lives of passion, power, excitement and true, authentic joy.


Rick is passionate about everything he does. He loves life and brings fresh insight and enthusiasm to every speaking event, individual and couples session, and workshop.  Rick has a passion and a vision to reconnect his clients with the power of learning what life, nature, and the subconscious mind has to offer. 


It’s very apparent when interacting with Rick, that he is committed to you achieving every goal that you set… In every area of your life. As a dynamic and passionate leader, practitioner, trainer, coach, father, husband and friend: Rick is deeply devoted to helping each person he meets take a stand and create the life of their dreams!


Nothing is impossible…you just have to know how to create it!

Contact Rick at:  309-261-2564 or click Here to email him to set up your free consultation.

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